The underlayment or ‘padding’ as it’s often called, has been in the roofing and flooring industry for over 100 years. 

Underlayment usually refers to a thin layer of cushioning that goes beneath your floors. It’s made of different materials such as sponge rubber, foam, recycled plastic and crumb rubber.

When it comes to SPC Flooring, underlayment is a must. 

You might have seen it before in stores. The underlayment is the product that comes rolled, and also the one that causes most of the stress. You might be wondering why and here we’ll tell you.
This product is SPC Flooring’s best friend. It prevents your flooring from molding and absorbing moisture from the subfloor. Also, it gives the floor stability, support and reduces all noise. 
Before installing your floors, one of the most important things to check is if you have the right padding. The thing is that there are plenty types, it varies on thickness, material, color and use, so it can get a lil’ tricky.
That’s why our flooring collections have it already attached. 
We are certain of how important the padding is for the performance of your floors. So, having them attached makes the process of installing your floors way easier.
We want to change the way you see and feel the process of installing your new floors. When you choose Kromitex products, the underlayment is something less to worry about.
Our collections come with the right underlayment and.. -we don’t want to brag- but the best part is that you don’t have to move a finger to install it.
For us, flooring is all about creating smiles from the floor up.. your smile. 
So, to know that we’re making the installation easier and less stressful for you makes us really, really happy.  

Types of underlayment

IXPE Underlayment

IXPE stands for ‘Irradiated cross-linked polyethylene foam‘. It is a very fine closed-cell foam that prevents yout flooring from molding, bacteria, mildrew and rot.

What does being closed-cell mean?

This is a very important characteristic about this padding. Being closed-cell means that the membrane of this kind of padding is impervious to absorption of any form, which means that it protects your flooring from substances or moisture that could come from the subfloor.

Progressive foam technology (PFT)

IXPE is designed with Progressive foam technology (PFT). This technology allows the padding to deliver a supreme sound reduction, shock absorption and moisture protection for your floors.

Kromitex and Luxury Collection

Our Kromitex and Luxury Collection  come with this powerful padding already attached, meaning you don’t have to get it separately or install it. Our products are ready to go and change the looks of your home.

EVA Underlayment

EVA stands for ‘Iethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer‘ and just like it’s friend IXPE, it is a closed-cell foam.

EVA's Versatility

This kind of padding is really versatile because it’s not only used in the flooring industry. In fact, we can find it in known industries like automotive, building, marine, electronics, healthcare, packaging, sports, leisure, recreation, and footwear.
Thanks to its closed-cell membrane, EVA can prevent molding, moisture and substances that could come from the subfloor, acting like a shield to your floors.

Renaissance Collection

When it comes to our latest collection ‘Renaissance’ EVA is the best fit, which is why it comes already attached in each product. Just like our other two collections, Renaissance is ready to buy and install in your home.
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Underlayment already attached? Yes sir! 💪🏼

When we started with Kromitex, there was one thing clear as water. 

We wanted to create smiles from the floor up. 

So, back in 2016 when we finally reached the time to start designing our flooring collections, our goal was to make the process of installing your floors easier and to create a memorable experience. 

That’s why we started with the product that causes the most friction, when it comes to the experience of installing your new floors: the underlayment.

The correct underlayment for your flooring varies depending on your project. In Kromitex we take care of your time and savings by having the right underlayment already attached in each of our collections.

Less steps

10/10 experience and

ear to ear smiles. 

That’s our everyday motto.

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