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Become part of the family

Become a Dealer


We know that when it comes to having a store and becoming a dealer of a certain product, the main thing we look for isn’t just “quality”.  There are many aspects involved before making that final decision. So,  here we’ll show the reasons why Kromitex is your ideal partner.

Marketing Strategy
We'll work together as a team, creating attractive and effective marketing strategies, to help you sell within your local market.
We are as successful as you are. Once you are part of the family, our focus is to support you and make the most out of your investment.
You don't have to worry about fighting lower prices, because we don't sell directly to customers. Your success is our success.
Digital Resources
We support you with digital resources such as catalogs, flyers, and brochures to help you boost your sales.

SPC Flooring is a type of product that is growing rapidly in market share. Do you know why?

The main reason behind this growth is that it became really convenient for today’s workforce, the millennials. If you stop for a minute and think about all the traits that SPC Flooring has, you’ll see that it meets perfectly with the necessities of the people of today.

Fire Retardant
Safe for pets & Kids

The production of SPC Flooring is incredibly eco-friendly. In fact, this is the only ground decoration material that can be recycled. Products that have high performance and also protect our earth’s natural resources and environment are a win, in today’s society.

SPC stands for “Stone Plastic Composite” but this type of flooring doesn’t have plastics. In the production of SPC Flooring, no glue or toxic substances like formaldehyde and benzene are needed, and that is because, unlike laminate flooring, SPC is synthesized wholly with virgin PVC.

…In the new era of sustainable development, SPC Flooring emerge and leads the flooring industry.

Consumers and companies are after quick, affordable, and highly durable solutions when it comes to flooring. The incorporation of principles of ethical consumerism is growing by the day. That’s why having options that meet these standards are important.

SPC Flooring continues to lead the resilient category in the flooring industry. Year by year there’s a clear dominance on growth over its predecessor, WPC.

To have this kind of product in-store is to open doors for opportunity. That’s why we always make sure to guide and offer maximum support to our dealers. We take care of the display and marketing materials for free and give you all the resources you need to boost your SPC Flooring sales

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the confidence and good work of our dealers. We are really proud of them and we’ll keep supporting their business in all the ways that we can, because their success is our success.  Henry Romero, CEO


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