We are an owned and operated family business with a clear goal, to change and improve people’s lives from the floor up. 

Since 2016, we have been working nonstop to provide families and companies with highly durable, affordable, and high-quality flooring products.

Today we are happy to say that, we are more than 300+ partners ready to assist you in your next project.

We believe in transforming spaces into experiences and creating beautiful memories because life’s best moments happen from the floor up and we want you to live them fully. 

Find everything you need for your next flooring project with our dealers, they are waiting to give you the best assistance and buying experience.

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Family Owned
We are a family owned and operated business, ready to provide the best service.
Creative hearts
We are passionate about flooring. We push our creativity to create awesome solutions.
We are strongly focused in making our dealers impact and succeed within their markets.
We are dedicated to give the best experience when it comes to flooring, for us, you are family too.
SPC flooring continues to dominate the resilient flooring market with an unstoppable growth
Studies show, that the incorporation of principles of ethical consumerism is growing stronger day by day. Consumers and investors are paying more attention to the eco-footprint they leave behind.
That’s why SPC Flooring is coming to the forefront of the flooring industry. The production of this type of flooring is eco-friendly. Unlike laminate flooring, SPC doesn’t contain toxic substances like Formaldehyde, Methanol, Phthalate, or Heavy Metals.
SPC Flooring is 100% waterproof, highly durable, eco-friendly, and affordable. These are irresistible traits for the necessities of the people of today. That’s why not having SPC Flooring as an option in your store is missing out on opportunities to grow and sell more.
With SPC Floors you can have beautiful, affordable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting floors.

Cleaning and maintaining SPC Floors is super easy. You cut time, money, and effort because any form of basic cleanings like brooming or mopping will be more than enough to keep it looking brand new. We always suggest the appropriate SPC/vinyl floor cleaning agents and polishes to maximize the endurance of your SPC flooring.

SPC is constructed to be impermeable, meaning that it prevents water from seeping down the underlying concrete foundations. It also does not react to dampness or moisture issues like other floors, keeping stains and bad odors from occurring.

Corrosion due to overly acidic or alkaline substances does not easily damage SPC flooring, allowing SPC floors to perform admirably in otherwise harsh environments. This quality has quickly made SPC floors become a popular choice for new laboratories, hospitals, and research institutions.

Find everything you need for your next project






We are passionate about SPC Flooring. Take a closer look at our collections.

Each one of our collections was inspired by colors and textures around the world. There’s lots of inspiration in the little things we commonly take for granted, especially in nature. With our collection, we aim to recreate them and bring that joy and uniqueness into our community homes.

Our goal is to present beautiful, modern and highly functional flooring, but mostly, to create smiles from the floor up. Here you can filter the colors by collection, and enjoy each one of them with more detail🧡

Balsa Gray
Rustic White
Fall Beige
Prices Strategies
Giving you the best support is our focus, from prices to marketing strategies. Your impact and success is our priority.
You don't have to worry about fighting lower prices, because we don't sell directly to customer. We have control of our products.
Since we don't sell directly to customers, we are as successful as you are. Our focus is to support you, because we're in this together.