My pet, My Family

By February 7, 2018Uncategorized
Kromitex Pet

When you make your mind and you decide to adopt or get a doggy in your family, many aspects of our daily basis must be taken into account. Apart from giving him love, it is paramount considering external, different and routine elements, such as feeding, get him a suitable space for him, make him comfortable and, especially, the floor. You should ask yourself about the latter and the answer is very simple, Many floors are not resistant to this little and furry animals.

Once we welcome our furry pet within the family, it is very important to understand that the adapting period of time is long, but satisfaying. One of the important things that we need our pet to be used to is regarding its needs, specifically, its bath needs. This can take months, but having great allies – Laminate Flooring and great techniques, there wouldn’t be anything to worry about.

The Laminate Flooring are the best allies that you can count on at this moment. They carry incredible benefits and will help your pet to have a happy stay. The areas that suffer the most within our homes are the common spaces, such as the kitchen, the living-room, the studio, and even the garage. This is due, most of the times, because a family member is always there with our lovely canine.

One characteristic that defines the laminate flooring is its wax layer. Its level of effectiveness is so high, that not only protects it from steps and makes it endurable for longer years, but also this floor is claw-proof and also resistant to the dog’s waste. Eventhough the bathroom gets cleaned in a proper way, some residuals can remain, but in the specific case of laminate flooring, you just have to clean them and no vestiges will remain. Likewise the footprints will remain unnoticed, as they can run, jump or play and the floor surface will not show any damage.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine that a floor can be so decisive for the right developement of our flurry pets. If you don’t believe us, we cordially invite you to visit our store and meet Peanut, our representive-like doggy. He will show you that the laminate flooring are your best option.