Laminate Flooring?

By January 26, 2018Uncategorized
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The laminate Floors are a long-lasting solution for those people who wish to remodel their spaces, without dealing with those long building process. This innovating and unique concept of floors was introduced to the US during the 80’s. The idea is capable of full-filling all those expectations regarding changing a floor: durability, confort and estheticly ideal.

The use of laminate flooring has increased through the years and not only within houses, but also it’s a great employee in offices, stores, schools and malls. Not worrying about its final destination, people who want to acquire these kind of floors, regarding its daily performance, has the option of choosing the level of resistence that the floor will carry; for example, if choosing a Class 31, it’s because you would like top ut it in the bed-room, but if choosing the Class 34, it’s because the floor Will be put, all the time, in a high-traffic area- like a kid’s playing ground.

If you wish changing any particular space and achieving optimal results, it’s paramount having profesional counseling, because we are the only ones who would guide you, step-by-step and provide you with the floor that suits you better. Before entering to our store Kromitex, you should verify the areas that you would like to remodel. Once in the store, and with the guidance of our staff members, specially Peanut, you must be aware with the anchirage system, due to the fact that nota ll of them are the same. On the other hand, check that the selected laminate flooring would be ideal for certain kind of stains, such as sunshine or chemicals; for example, it is paramount mentioning if the floor will be put within the porch or the garage.

The laminate flooring got here to stay and more people embrace this floor everyday for its low-cost and the optimal results it provides in the long run. Remember to visit our store Kromitex or checking online through

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