A Guide to chá-chá-chá

By April 16, 2018Uncategorized
Ballerina on laminated flooring

One of the things a person enjoy the most is dancing; according to certain studies, when dancing in a regular basis, your body releases stress that collapses your nervous system and battles fatigue. Not to mention, some dancers, even when cleaning up #LaminateFlooring at their homes, they’re working out, thus cleaning their energy fields.

Each day more people wish to get involve in such wonderful activity, where different rythms are getting more and more spectators; rythms like Salsa, Salsa-Casino, Hip-Hop, and even Pole Dancing. If your passion goes to 1,2,3, this is the right time to open a new dancing studio and transmit that passion to more people.

The first step you need to plan ahead would be to locate a good space, the one that helps you fulfill your dancing lessons. The second aspect would be to get involve within the wonderful laminate flooring industry to know what kind of Laminate Flooring accomplishes your needs: one with high endurance and lots of transit. Remember you will have big groups of people dancing – constantly kicking the dance floor at the rythm of the sound.

If you already have chosen the type of flooring you need, your next step would be to pick the style of #LaminateFlooring that you want to install in your dance studio. The great variety goes from light Wood to dark ones with different patterns. In Kromitex we have these magnificent variety of colors and tones. You just have to visit Kromitex by NineTeen Structure and get advices from the best group of representatives who will guide you trhough this process.

Once you have everything, regarding the floor, of course, the installation is pretty simple. Previously clean the floor, if there is a carpet, remove it and place the recommended underlayment. Last but not least, install the floor that has the Uniclick system. From there, you can start all the equipment you need: sound systems, mirrors, rails, lights, poles, among other things. You will see how fast everything gets alive.

One of the great benefits of using Laminate Flooring within the dancing studios is its high endurance and transit, not to mention the high hills –used by many while dancing –. You will love how fast you wuold clean the floor after the lessons. Imagine cleaning the floor at 8:00 PM, tired? No body does, but cleaning the Laminate Flooring is a piece of cake, just vaccum.

It is time to take control of your future and perform the activities you really enjoy, when happening, we will be here to help you out.