Decorating with SPC flooring during Christmas

By December 11, 2019Uncategorized

Is not an issue anymore if your flooring is light or dark; the key factor for having a wonderful decoration is knowing how to combine the Christmas colors with your flooring. Within this article we will present you some advises.

Dark flooring
A snow-white Christmas: it is crucial the contrast. The white color is perfect to moderate the tone of your flooring. You can add some decorations as stars or snowflakes in your Christmas tree.

Light Flooring

The elegant red: the red color is synonym of Christmas.  Light flooring colors allow you to contrast the decoration with darker colors. You can decorate your Christmas tree in a classic manner, you can also put red candles around and even combine them with golden or silver colors. In that way you will create a sophisticated Christmas.


Electrify your Christmas: The blue colors are one of the favorites this year; it will make your home to shine as a star. Combine this blue color with silver colors and small Christmas lights.


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