Colors of nature

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We love everything natural!

Undoubtedly, nature has its charm. Beyond green leaves, seasonal changes, oceans and animals, nature has some unique and vibrant colors. No one can deny that in nature we can find magical colors, tones that accompany us in this quotidian transit during our existence.

Being or belonging to a network dedicated to the environment’s care make working in Kromitex an easier task, not only for the recycled material, but also because we do really care for the ecosystem. It is supposed that the laminate flooring and the SPC flooring have, amongst its layers or fabrication process, materials that contribute with the environment or that, once were part of another object and, through some process, are now flooring raw material.imagen2

Apart from what we just mentioned, it calls our attention the meaning of the natural Pantones; those that we find within nature. For example, staring at a sunset and admiring those orange colors, reds and yellows. The clouds and the sky turning in fire. That magic game that the sun-light plays with the beginning of the night. Just frenetic!

What about the ocean and its blue colors, the spectacularism in tonalities and the change in blue tones depending on its depth.

Which are the colors of nature?

In this opportunity we will display the glowing colors that are closer to humans.  The campaign diffused by Pantone is an exposition to the most vibrant colors, but if we do not create awareness, we may loss these amazing colors and life. Coral reefs, for example, are threatened by humans due to toxic materials use and indiscriminate fishing making the ocean to suffer this atrocious collapse.

imagen3Nature live among those who care about it!

If you want to live in a better world, but you do not know where to start, don’t get panic. Start creating little changes in your routine, in your daily basis, while shopping or even when acquiring your construction or renovating materials.



If you want to renovate or change your flooring for a material that provides elegance to your spaces but also help the conservation of the environment, is the moment to visit our store or go to our web-page

Take care of Mother nature and admire the colors that surround our living.