Choose the best color to decorate

By October 12, 2017News
Kromitex laminated floor

It’s time to remodel! It’s time to have some fun and look for the new trends. When it comes to decorate the house, sometimes it’s really difficult to decide which colors or patterns you want to match. If you are not sure what are you going to do, follow these simple steps and give your client the best experience; don’t panic!

After talking to your client and having an idea of what he or she is expecting, put your thoughts together and follow these simple rules to give him or her the best decoration tips  they can ever have and as simple as a snap. First of all, use the “60-30-10”, which suggest dividing the color palette into 3 parts, 60 for the most dominate, 30 for the secondary and only 10 for the accent color. This will give the illusion of a wider space. Following the technic of coloring, you can apply the “Decorate from dark to light (vertically)” it establishes to use darker color on the floor, medium on the walls and lighters on the ceiling; just like natures environments.

Equally important, you can apply a specific guidance to pair the scheme of colors. As a designer, choose a color that matches with the largest or prominent objects, like rugs, sofas or art work, but if you want to give fully attention to that dominant element, choose white or beiges colors. On the other hand, always start with the most popular areas of the house, such as the living-room, dining-room or hall; use medium colors and match them with special patterns or a contrast color. These will tone up the sense of style of any person.

Clearly, when it comes to decorate a home, there are many tips, advices and even rules to apply. Experience and intuition can help you help you a lot to provide you with better results. It’s a matter of time and patient, and we assure you that if you follow any of these recommendations, we guarantee that your clients will be more than happy.