Be part of the innovation

By October 31, 2017News

When you meet new people, you surely expect them to tell you their full name. In that case, we are proudly to announce that we joined the family National Wood Flooring Association. The NWFA is a not-profit trade association, which gathers all the companies within the wood sector; such as manufacturing, retail, installers, inspectors… We are part of this big family now.

The benefits of belonging to the NWFA is that our providers will be always informed about the newest innovations and creations; we are also connected with other suppliers and might become part of new associations or partnerships.  Additionally, we are going to be in touch with other wood-flooring professionals worldwide; that means we can exchange information about new o better ways to install, finish or even become better manufacturers.

Meanwhile we establish new relationships, we became part of the -Giving back program –which serves our honorable veterans. The National Wood Flooring Association is partnered with the Gary Sinise Foundation which main focus is to provide wood flooring and give the best service ever, so the GSF RISE can built homes to the wounded veterans.
– “Thanks for your service” – Kromitex by Nineteen Strucure.  

Being part of the NWFA will open more successful opportunities and you can be part of it. You will contribute to veterans, you will help the environment and you will be an essential push-upper to search for innovating techniques. Every time you purchase a wood flooring, you will be part of our family; you will be a proudly member of our success.  Let’s get some of the opportunities rain!