5 ways to keep a tidy home

By October 28, 2019Uncategorized

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For some, keeping their home tidy could result in a titanic activity or even a very impossible task to acquire. Many times, and more with the events that we perform during the day, we tend to forget that little piece of paper left on the floor or sweeping the flooring or vacuuming the carpet. We often say things like “I will do it during the week-end” but that pretty much ends-up in a lie. Keeping your home in order is like an impossible mission to accomplish…no way, with these easy and practical advises your home will always look beautiful.

How tidy your home is reflecting who you really are, reason why we need to follow certain rules to have this amazing home.

⦁ Do not leave objects on the sofa: how many times we don’t get from work, school or from running errands and when we get home throw our coats, sweaters, hoodies, back-packs or purses on the chair or sofa. Some few hours later we leave them lying there for two or three days more. What we recommend is to put them on their place. The sofa has to be strictly to rest and enjoy a good conversation.


⦁ When using an object, put it back immediately: there are certain occasions when we read a book, you play some games on your Tablet or you check your social media timeline. When time passes and we leave things on the couch, the objects accumulate and create a mess. Ideally, putting the objects back to its shelf or drawer or closet will keep your home completely beautiful and in order.


⦁ Keeping tidy the common areas: every single home has more common areas than any other place of the house. For example, the kitchen…there is the believe that, due to a just prepared meal, people enjoy more to be there than when they get home and smell the food. A practical tip to keep it tidy, is immediately cleaning the utensils right after used.


⦁ Create an organizing or cleaning plan: Keeping our home tidy does not need to be a hard task. We can also involve family members, especially the kids, in this wonderful experience. Having the kids helping you will generate this cleaning habit that they need to have.  A cleaning calendar might be created with the activities to perform during the week or we can even play some games while clean.


⦁ Make your bed daily: for many this is a very controversial topic to talk about it. I believe that the main reason is because there are plenty of people who do not make their beds when waking up. It is just five minutes of your time but will make you feel good during the rest of your day.

If you follow these practical tips, you will have a very astonishing home. If adding #Kromitex laminate or SPC flooring, web et that many of your Friends and family members will die to visit you and enjoy this great atmosphere 100% free of bacteria. A clean home speaks the truth about its inhabitants.