5 tricks to prepare your home for the winter

By December 17, 2019Uncategorized

I love winter!

Winter is here. With this premise, try to provide your home with essential equipment to keep your place warm for the Winter season. You will not only maintain your residency cozy, but also will have style.

A cozy home during winter will not only make your family happy, but also your guests will be happy for being at your place. Remodeling your home during this season is more common that what you believe. If you are one of those people, who want to fix certain details in your residency, Kromitex will bring you these ideal tricks for remodeling your home.

Combine white, wood and leather: the Nordic elements are the more used items during this season; however, it perfectly works to keep it year-round. This lumberjack style with unique and delicate touch provide your home with a perfect spin. Imagine a living-room with this peculiar decoration…Terrific, isn’t it?

Choose a Chimney: there are countries and regions where climate is very freezing cold and people have to considerate installing a chimney; however, the other seasons your chimney will be barely useful, but you have to correctly combine it with the rest of the decorative articles within your home.


Set the adequate curtains: curtains play a very decisive role among these months.  The specials for freezing cold climates come with adapted thermal fabrics that prevent that coldness becomes another guest. It will be ideal to get light curtains if the area is small. They will make your space looks bigger.

Brick walls: If your style is rustic and or industrial, we recommend to install a brick wall. This way your home will look amazing, apart from protecting the rest of the family members from the lower temperatures. Bricks are temperature regulators by nature.

Install SPC Flooring: this is the most valuable and important advice of this article. The flooring is paramount to keep an adequate temperature within your home. The SPC floorings account for a technology that support until -22°F. This particular flooring comes in a great variety of colors and style that will adapt to the decoration and space of your home. They are so easy to install that you will be finishing the installation in less than a week.


Give your home that special and unexpected and fresh touch during these cold months. Prepare yourself and get the best SPC Flooring in town at www.kromitex.com or. If you wish, come to our store where the best staff will be here to help you during and after the process of acquiring your flooring.