4 Tricks for keeping your flooring Brand new

By November 1, 2019Uncategorized

We all love having a clean home and the magic goes far beyond when our flooring shines more than a star. Undoubtedly, your flooring provides any home with that special touch. When decided installing in your home or office, it is very important to maintain them as new and we are not talking just about to sweep the floor or mopping it, we are talking about keeping the flooring as shine as a star.

If you wish your flooring the keep the brightness of an engagement ring, is the moment you need to engage with your cleaning habits and follow these simple and effective tricks to keep your flooring as new as possible.

⦁    Avoid accumulating dirt: is important to keep a cleaning routine at least once a week. You can sweep your flooring, vacuum it or even mopping it; PLEASE, do not use any product containing detergent and or wax. Products containing detergent or wax will damage your flooring and you will end-up having the opposite results of what you are looking for: a shining flooring.


⦁    Water resistant: Despite the wear-layer Kromitex flooring has, which is a protective water-resistant layer that provides your flooring with a shield that do not allow water to trespass to its inner core. If water spillage, you just have to clean it with a dry rug and that’s it.

⦁    Do not use Wood cleaning products: even though Kromitex flooring has a wooden similar look, the cleaning process has to be completely different. Do not use varnish because you will take the brightness of the flooring and also the wax layer. imagen3

⦁    Put chair taps: Let’s say that you have already installed your flooring, the precise flooring for that specific transit and area. Well, remember that is a plus to put some extra care on your acquisition. Get some chair taps and put them in your tables and chairs to avoid scratching your flooring.

It is very important to follow these four tricks. They will help you out to keep the warranty of your flooring. Furthermore, everything goes hand-by-hand within the whole process: installation, care and cleaning. Following these simple steps will make your flooring last longer. If you have not decided yet what flooring purchase or doubts regarding the maintenance of your flooring, we recommend you to visit our webpage www.kromitex.com or go to our store where our excellent staff  will help you out through the process of getting your flooring.