4 questions that you need to ask yourself before choosing your floor

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Soft Billard Room featuring Gingerbread color hardwood floor (Sweet Memories Series-Aged Maple)

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Leather sofa: Chesterfield Cigar Vintage-ma (Mobilier actuel)
Table: Galerie du meuble classique
Table lamp: Multi-luminaire
Curtains: Zone

Which one I get? ¿Does combine with my style? – Simple questions that we answer for
It’s renovation season and one of the elements that you are changing is your floor. When you have
already decided to renovate, is a good choice to do it by upgrading your place and your best
options are #LaminateFloorings, #VinylFloorings, and #SPCFlooring. Apart from giving your place a
clean and fashion look, it’s amazing its durability; however, it is very important to clarify certain
doubts before getting the desirable flooring.

Even though installing our floor is a very-easy-task, people bring thousands of questions in their
heads. Is something like that is happening right now, do not blow your mind, actually that is pretty
normal; here we will answer the most common questions regarding the flooring industry.

foto 2_33What type AC class do I need?
Depends on where the flooring is going to be installed. If it is for a domestic setting, the ideal floor
would be an AC3 or AC4. For a regular couple with no kids we advise an AC3, but if having kids, we
recommend an AC4. For a high transit setting we suggest to install the AC4, AC5 or even AC6 due
to the durability that it provides and how resistant it is for high transit areas.

¿Our floor, it is directly installed or I showld ahere something before?
It depends on the floor that you are getting. On one hand we have #LaminateFlooring that needs
an underlayment or a padding and, on the other hand we have the SPC flooring which brings the
padding or underlayment attached. This underlayment or padding is soundproof and regulates the
humidity that might be produced among the floor layers.

Installing Laminate FlooringHow do I know which flooring style goes with me?
This is the fun part while remodeling. Here is when taste and style intervene and both become one
within this wonderful experience. The best part about our flooring is that our options look like
wood and stone. Your style is the main character. We suggest you to come to our store and
personally check our vast variety of products. Remember that is not the same to see it through a
picture than in person.

Is it easy to take care of it?
It’s impressive the easy and simple way our floor is easy to take care of. The greatest part is that it
only takes five minutes of your time. You can use a broom or a wet rug every other day and that’s
it. You have had cleaned your floor and it will look Brand new.

foto 4_33What type of assemblage do I choose?
When installing your flooring, there are two types of assemblage. On one hand we have those that
bind together through glue and, on the other hand we have those that click together through flaps
that click together. Any of the two, if done correctly, will provide you with a magazine finish.

We know that there are plenty of aspects that need to be clarified before acquiring your floor. We
want your remodeling experience to be a great pleasure. In #Kromitex we firmly believe that
comfort and quality can perfectly coexist in your home or office. Access to our digital cathalog
www.kromitex.com or visit our store. Our representatives are available for you and will help you
choosing the best floor you need.