3 different techniques to get rid of scratches on our flooring

By March 24, 2019Uncategorized

Which scratches? – I don’t see non.

One can be the most cautious person in the world, but accidents may occur; actually, accidents are pretty normal. Our #Kromitex #flooring are developed with an anti-scratch technology; however, this floor is not exempt to suffer any mark with time or when su|bjected to serious lacerations. Let’s say that a friend came over and accidentally dropped a glass on the floor. Another daily example could be that your neighbor’s dog walked into your house and accidentally did number one on your plants. These may be accidents that can occur to your floor. If one of them is a common situation or something that has previously happened, today we have the solution for you. Everything has a solution, here we post 3 different techniques to bear in mind when something unexpected happen to your flooring.

Hide the scratches with Rejuvenate Wood markers. Get the marker that better suits your flooring. The greatest part is that they come in different tones. The first thing we need to do after getting the marker is to clean the area that you’re rejuvenating and then color it with the marker. That’s it, fast and easy.


Thoroughly clean the scratched surface. We can get paranoid from time to time, actually we tend to exaggerate the minimum scratches on our floor. There are times in which these are superficial and, in this case, you just have to clean the area with a wet rag with your preferred chemical product. See? Another easy way to clean your flooring.


A walnut i sour best new friend. If the scratch is on the surface, a walnut can be used as a partner in crime. When the floor gets any scratch, go to the kitchen and get a walnut to pass it over the damaged area. Due to its color, it will leave the floor markless. A great nut for you and your health.


No doubt at all, that a scratch can generate a Little bit of stress in our life, but if you apply the best and correct technique you won’t have to worry about anything. In Kromitex we suggest you to be extremely careful with your flooring, eventhough we know is almost impossible to control accidents to occur.

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