What tools do you need to have when installing your new flooring?

By September 24, 2019Uncategorized

If having this check-list before starting, I know I will install perfectly.

When you decide to remodel a specific space, you need to have the right tools handy. Installing your new flooring can be an easy task, since technology allows creating very-easy-to-ensemble floorings; however, every contractor must have the perfect tools for this kind of project.

Installing this specific flooring is very simple, but the set up or the previous moments, are those that will guarantee the long-lasting flooring. If you ask yourself what do you need to have in order to start your installation, we suggest you to continue reading to discover a little bit more about this wonderful world of home remodeling.

imagen2-YES! I finally found the perfect flooring… I want to install it now! – Now that we know that you want to have your new place completely remodeled, gran a pen and a piece of paper to check if you have these tools and start your project.

In your tool-box you must have:

Set Square: it will help you measure and mark wall protrusions.

Jig-saw: When having a corner, a wall or a floor protrusion, you can cut it with this great tool.


Pencil: When measuring the salient flooring, you must mark where the saw will cut.

Guillotine floor cutter: if you have not installed flooring yet and you wish to cut it before, this is a must-have tool.


Measuring tape: It will help you measure grater-scale spaces.

Flooring adjuster: this great tool allows you to put more pressure on the floor within those harder spaces.


Undoubtedly, starting any kind of Project, you need to have the specific tools to develop this great task. If you have questions and you want to start renovating, we invite you to come to #Kromitex to clear those doubts out regarding this great world of flooring. We also offer you to get into our website www.kromitex.com and check our catalog. You will see how wonderful your flooring installation will be.