What Do I need to renovate?

By April 16, 2018Uncategorized
kromitex living room

It’s time to renew our home! I know, we tend to mention that faster than the renovation itself and, we also know that not too many people understand and analize the hard task that renovating represents. When you make the decision of changing an specific area within your home, it is paramount the time you will spend in such labor. The key-factor here is time and budget; this time will provide you with the perfect finished, and the budget; well, we already know how costly it is changing some areas at home.

Now that you made up your mind, you need to determine a budget and, of course, the area to renew. In this case, the bed-room will be the place to renovate. The next step is designing with the architect or an interior designer, the area, the guidelines for the work, what it should be done and calculate the leftovers. Remember to write down everything you need.

When you have already wrote your wish list, it’s time to request different providers certain estimates. Just to give you a piece of advise, for the #LaminateFlooring it is ideal to visit Kromitex by Nineteen Structure. Here we will advise you regarding floors, underlayments, moldings and other aspects about the floor industry. At Kromitex we have a great variety of colors and solutions to renovate the floor of that cozy bed-room.

You have your estimate, in that moment you realize what you are about to spend. Here you will notice that in #Kromitex we will provide you with quality floors, and also we can help you save some money to get those extras that you need to renew your bed-room. For example, with those savings you can finally buy that new chest with mirrror and brighter lights.

You have decided the budget and started to acquire the requested materials. Now it’s time to start the remodelling season and get your dream bed-room. That special an unique place for you. Place that revitalizes you. Welcome to your comfort zone.