What Can I Change?

By April 16, 2018Uncategorized
Laminated flooring

Today you just probably woke up having the idea of renewing your home, changing something in your daily basis and becoming someone different. You start thinking for a second, look around yourself and wonder, What can I change? Well, let me tell you that big dreams start this way; dreams that start with hard work and consistency are the ones that provide you with the best.

Furthermore, you went to the kitchen and you craved a delicious cup of coffee, had a seat on your comfy couch and started admiring your living-room. Sitting there is when you finally realize what you really want to change; however, less tan two months ago you installed Laminate Flooring.

As a person who likes DIY projects, automatically you thought on creating some placemats for the living-room’s table. Exactly those placemats you see in entertaiment magazines. In that moment you think about some #LaminateFlooring remnants and Voilà…! Now you go and get those pieces of floors, cut them in squares or, if you are bold enough, cut them in circles, clover shaped or depending on the ocassion and the concept. Here you can give yourself the opportunity of creating the best idea you could ever had. Grab some acrylic, puff, Airbrush, Watercolor or Gouache paintings; depending on what you want to achieve, take some brush, special markers (permanent) and let the muse take over.

Undoubtedly the Laminate Flooring you find at Kromitex By Nineteen Structure are more than perfect for this kind of ideas as well. We give a round applause to those people who take their time for creating and innovating and break out the routine. People who take something pre-designed for an specific task and transform it into a magnificent masterpiece. Come to our store and enjoy the unparalleled experience of acquiring our Laminate Flooring. Share your ideas with us.

We dare you to change…