What trend defines you best?

By February 7, 2018Uncategorized
Minimalistic Laminate Flooring Room

Each year high-distric fanatic freaks are to the expectative to put into practice the new tendencies. This 2018 will not be the exception to that rule and note even regarding to the usage of colors, mixed patterns and an endless materials that will drop the jaw to more than some customers. Take yourself a break, think about what you like the most and start designing the style that best suits your desires.

At first place, and keeping its hierarchy, we find Minimalism, which continues to be the most preferred among many. Its simplicity and disattachment for the antique decorative ítems makes it exclusive -and many people continue to choose Minimalist objects to decorate their houses or offices. What calls my attention the most about this way of decorating is that people really know to choose the furniture, decorating ítems and the wall colors with the only purpose of giving a warmth and simplicity sensation.

On the other hand Vintage will continue to be in people’s mouth. It has had so much acceptance that we will continue having this tendency during 2018. The mixture of elements inspired between the fifties and traditional hippies will continue embellishing the spaces of those people who like having a free style and mind: elements such as “country” retro flower cutouts, a lot of Green or everything fulfilled with natural modern touches.

The New Classic style is taking the avant garde and will call the attention to those who like or are fascinated about Victorian objects and, who like to combine them with their lifestyle. This technique is caracterized at mixing furniture, big canvas or paintings, watches and mirrors with soft colors, reflexing a centered-mindset personality.

Apply the style that best describes your personality. Check in advance the available área you dispose regarding the space and the kind of disponibility you will have for that place.