Tendencies that last year-round

By May 16, 2018Uncategorized
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This 2018 will be the best year for decorating and keeping the trends: all decor ideas have their corner. This year is accepted to mix classic and modern, neutral and color, and wood with the stone, among some other ideas.

The second and most common Season to renovate is Spring. Despite that Summer is around the corner, we can not leave tendencies that will continue to be trendy aside; remember that adventurous-remodelating people prefer to maintain tendencies and to help with their brilliant ideas.

At first place we have the framed nature, this means that in any particular area of your home or office, you need to paint your walls with warm colors, those that permit light to bounce and creates a impeccable luminous effect. To this you can mix some tree-leaves stick on framed-glass mirrors nailed to the walls; even including the excessive use of natural plants, to recreate a Forest-like environment that will make you feel within the tropics.

The second trend that sets the style, and that is here to stay, is Geometric. The particularity of this tendency is to paint geometrical shapes, specially designed for the walls or columns. With this idea the colors are free, and each person would paint with the color they like. If there exist contrast, the better it is.

In third place we have the Fringes. Fridges create a sophisticated-luxury atmosphere, they are one of the favorite accessories for many women and plenty of them like to put certain fringy details on their homes. But let us tell you something, the tendency for this 2018 is the fringe, it is even allowed to install lamps with fringes. With this trend also colors has the opportunity and chance to express themselves, though it is suggested to use fresh colors, Spring-deserving.

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