Styling all-around

By February 25, 2018News
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Exactly the way we renew our closet, there are some people who renew their home. That perfect spot, where you arrive and take a look back and see everything you have struggled, worked and achieved. When deciding to renew any area in your home, certain aspects need to be taken into consideration such as space, kind of usage and luminosity. Although the personal style has to be reflected in a room, we can not attempt against the good taste or overdo it.

If Elegant is the style that defines you and you like combining light Woods with light colors -olds- you should choose light colors. These help you multiply natural or solar light. Other specific partner to replicate the light effect is the lighted-wood furniture; it will create the ideal contrast to broad the remodelling area. Likewise, to bring that fun and uncommon touch use printed cushions or regular details on the wall. Your best partners will be the white, sand, rose or light grey colors.

Contrast is another style that can be found in a home and they are the result of combining white furniture wiht dark colors such as red. This kind of decoration can be applied to spaces with Little or scarce light, because the furniture will create a better impact and will look better with the help of the artificial life in the room. If trying to highlight the walls, you best partner will be intense colors such as yellow, orange or red: this colors recall sunset and gives you a cozinezz sensation. When combining this kind of colors with white or light furniture –sand, cream-coloured– you will make guests or family members welcome.

Last but not least, if relaxed is the style that you like the most, the ideal combination would be dark wood with blue tones. This kind of decoration creat a perfect match with those spaces that perceive natural light. The combination with cold colors make the space to stand up more. If incorporating some furniture, the most assertives would be dark wood. This create a contrast and absorb some natural light, letting the area to accentuate itself.

Choose the style that defines you best and start experiencing within the different areas of your home. Remember that in Kromitex by Nineteen Structure we have the ideal laminate flooring to combine any style you like. Do not limit your dreams and start applying new techniques.