SPC Flooring, the floor that changes the concept of all

By March 27, 2019Uncategorized

This is a very durable, unfading and resistant floor!

To many, the subject related to floors is not so much of importance; however, is one of the most important aspects when remodeling a home or an office. The flooring is one of the first things that a person looks when entering to a home or an office. People could also ask themselves if the floor is dirty or if it is beautiful or not, what kind of material is it or if it suits the decoration. Anyways, there exist many details entitled to the flooring industry. That is why we will dedicate this post to the SPC flooring, a floor created with technology within every layer.

spc_flooringTo begin with, the SPC flooring is a modernization of vinyl tiles. These are composed natural limestone dust that, when combined with some other materials provide with major stability. The SPC flooring is considered to be the revolution regarding the surfacing of flooring.

This type of flooring is composed by 5 layers, which count for the PVC breakeven point, the nucleus of the SPC, the decorative printing film and the wear layer, which is very resistant and contents an UV layer. Additionally, you can add a layer of underlayment to avoid the sound passes to other environments. The greatest part about our SPC flooring is that it already has the padding/underlayment attached to the floor, making the purchase cheaper for every customer.

spc_installationIts main characteristics define this type of flooring as one of the avangards technologies.

  • Extremely stable.
  • Completely wáter proof.
  • Crevice resistant.
  • Can be easily installed on any type of flat Surface (concrete, tile or existing floor).
  • It can be installed in residencies or in high-transited environments.
  • It can simulate almost any texture, like Wood, tile or carpets.

spc_roomIt has a very resistant wear layer.

If you are looking for a floor to transform your space, the SPC flooring is the latest and best option in the market. You can get your floor at #Kromitex. Check on our catalog or visit our store where the greatest staff will help you out to decide the best flooring of the market.