Long Lasting Floors

By December 20, 2017News

Many times you might have wondered how can you broaden the quality of your Laminate Flooring for quite some more time. Even-though its way of taking care of is very easy, it is Paramount important to recognize and understand that, in order to preserve them, just as when you bought them, you should apply some basic techniques or hacks that would provide you with the expected outcomes.

First of all, you should follow certain installing instructions; for example, cleaning the coating zone in a suitable manner, verify the smoothnessand dryness of the Surface and, of course, placing the underlayment in a proper form. With these simple steps you will guarantee the whole warranty of your floor.

On the other hand, you must clean the floor with specially produced products for these kind of floors. Even-though they are produced with long-lasting materials and pass trhough very extrict processes to guarantee its well functioning, is essential to use the cleaning products that Kromitex recommends; for example, if you wish to clean them, use soft soaps and even mix it with baby shampoo, which Will give the floor a shiny look and an incredible scense.

If the laminate floors are placed in high transited áreas, the first thing you have to do is verify that you are acquiring the recommended and then, as an advice, add felt rags or soft mesh under the chair legs, couch or any other furniture, as a pad, that you would constantly move. For example, if you installed the floor in the dinning-hall, you can move the chairs without scratching the floor note even worrying about it. Imagine looking and having a magazine-worthy floor over and over again.

Maintaining a laminate floor is an easy task; they do not require any effort and, within five minutes you will clean and enjoy a perfectly thinkable movie-star house. If you follow these steps, you will not have to worry andwe will see each other again at Kromitex to remodel any other place of you home or office.