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Many people get into a store and start asking about the proper use of the #LaminateFlooring. This particular floor, for most of them, is only installed within their homes; although, there are certain floors, such as Wood, that can be installed in exterior areas. This open a new gap among changing the laminate flooring or Wood floors in every corner of our home: porch, veranda, terrace or patio. Customers walk in with many doubts, reason why we have some tips to help our most beloved customers acquiring the floors they want to build the home of their dreams.

At first place we must pay attention to the weather conditions that we face during a particular seasons; for example, there are certain states which low temperatures damages the floor and, there are other states that high temperatures can put the floor into different situations. In such cases you must assure to check the floor that best adapts to the needs you require.

On second place, it is always Paramount to verify that the #LaminateFlooring is waterproof and, especially, for exteriors. We must understand that is not the same quantity the water that we splash in the kitchen that the rain that falls on our patio.

On third place, if you wish the laminate floor guarantee last for years, remember to clean the areas constantly. Undoubtedly the guarantee is for many years, when installed in open-spaces, the floor gets dirtier in exterior areas than within the home.

Last but not least, when installing the floor, make sure the surface is smooth, no concrete slopes or beams. For example, if installing the floor on a terrace, make sure the infrastructure is ideal for installing the #LaminateFlooring.

If you follow these simple advises, you can renew the spaces the way you want. Remember that in #Kromitex by Nineteen Structure we are there to guide you trhough the process and we are committed with you to give you the best quality in laminate flooring.


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