It’s time to change

By November 23, 2017News

When it comes to choose your new floor, sometimes it can turnout very difficult. so many options, budgets and expectations to fulfill. First, we should get you into the context of Laminate Flooring, which is a multi-layer synthetic floor that simulates wood/stone with a photographic layer under a clear layer. Time goes by and it has increased its popularity because has a lot of benefits, which we are going to talk about in this article.

When it comes to installations is really fast and easy, because it has a click or lock design to allow every plank to fit together like a puzzle. Furthermore, the material they used to build it is so light that you can cut it by hand or knife. Another benefit within the installation of this kind of material is its durability, because the “clear layer” that protects the photographic layer also shields the laminate floor from footsteps and stains.

One of the most important questions and benefits that people ask about the laminate floor is about the cleaning. It may surprise you, but the “cleaning factor” is why people choose it, just in a snap you can clean the surface of the floor, no matter what kind of stains, they will also go away.  Following the factor of choosing laminate floor it’s also the appearance, is so real that people can believe is a photograph. It faithfully reproduces the actual look of the wood, stone or any other natural material. It’s so unbelievable that people actually ask if it’s real.

Sometimes making decisions can be hard, but when you put in perspective the future, it can be so easy that you won’t believe it. Talking about the benefits of laminate flooring, imagine yourself cleaning as fast as snapping your fingers or watching a lot of friends walking or even you, through the spaces and not getting a scratch…the heels, they don’t leave marks!  From Kromitex we highly recommend you to invest in the future, invest in a better place where you can raise your family without over budging on the constructor item. It’s going to be a lifetime savings.