If having more than half of these characteristics, you are a decoration lover

By September 29, 2018Uncategorized

Remodeling is considered to be a very satisfying activity, but stressing at times. Eventhough it is a moment to change, renovating energies -as some people might say- sometimes result that this hobbie can present certaing complications; however, this is not what the article is about. Within the article we will highlight five characteristics from a person who loves decorating and changing.


Take some notes and verify if you have them all:

  • People who feel passionate for this activity are considered to be free souls. This is due to the trend that’s in, but then they ended-up mixing trends and creating their own.
  • They find a combination for everything. For example, these people see a carpet – no matter the fabric or decoration- and in a snap they can find them a place within the home and some decorating options.
  • They live and breathe decoration. They see life differently, like in a pallet of colors. They see if the colors respect certain aesthetic criteria when remodelling, designing y make that certain colors can coexist, eventhough they are located in different areas.
  • The have inspiration and special This is summed up to all those who dedicate their life to remodelling see canvas in a empty space; the know exactly what to put and how to do it.


They always have a notebook that allows them to draw and write when seeing something astonishing. Then they use these traces as parto f their designs.

Undoubtedly, people who dedicate their life to remodelling, designing and experimentig whit this majestic task are free-souls and seek, before anything else, that what sorrounds them is the most comfortable environment to delight everyone. If you are related with these five characteristics, we suggest you to visit our #Kromitex store. It will let you inspire and you will start remodelling as you like, passianate.