Create art with your flooring

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Living room spc flooring

Everyone will be astonished!

Undoubtedly, laminate and SPC floorings supplanted the typical tile or wood flooring. Way back remained the days where having a house with marble flooring was motive of being inside a decoration magazine. Has significantly revolutionized and changed the perspective decoratively and ecologically of the flooring industry since the Laminate and SPC flooring appeared. Due to the materials that constitute these floorings, mosaics can actually be created.

There is an increasing quantity of people who commit themselves to create unconventional flooring installations and ask for different designs of floorings to combine colors and shapes. Floor designs do not have to be boring any more. Its technology and style allow having a great variety of models, shades, tones and colors. To be more precise, the variety of SPC and laminate flooring embrace pastel colors to darker colors, imitation of textures or handcrafted creations.

For those of you who are thinking about replacing your traditional flooring for a Laminate or SPC flooring, we suggest you to visit and use the app Kromitex Studio to appreciate how your flooring will look like. Additionally, it is also important to personally visit us at 3560 NW 53rd St Ft. Lauderdale Fl 33309, where our sale staff will do it best to explain and clarify doubts regarding your flooring and the industry.


If you want to let the traditional flooring designs aside, we will show a series of art images made out of flooring.

Mix colors and textures

Living room spc flooring

Create an embossed flooring, due to shadows

Spc flooring

Dark-light flooring

Spc flooring

Mosaic son flooring or walls