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By November 7, 2017News

Nothing describes better someone than action, but what happens when that action is shown as “variety”. Every day we work to provide our clients the best products on the market because you deserve the best and to choose what you really need.  When you open the door of our business, for sure will acquire the product that will suit you best, and not only that, but also you will get the best product within the Florida area.

Taking care of our clients is what keep us moving. We create three main types of laminate floor, which will satisfy unique necessities to every buyer. First, we have the Classic, specially created for those who love browns and strong dark colours. Second, we have the Exotic/Wild River, a product that was planned for those who like a more natural look for the floors and, third, we have the WPC that was designed for clients that appreciate a rustic floor on their houses.  No matter which one you choose, the first two are water resistant or the WPC which is completely waterproof and 30 years of residential warranty.

Kromitex by Nineteen Structure it’s not only laminate flooring, is also a provider of the best mouldings and underlayments. The best part of these two products are that you will have and impeccable finished and amazing touches on every corner of the house. In addition, we specifically create the mouldings to provide you with the best quality to mix and match any laminate floor together. Furthermore, we have the underlayment, with one task – very important- to protect and give soundproof; what else would do you need?

We work everyday to give you what you really deserve. Our only porpoise is to create laminate floors with the quality and warranty that you deserve and that you pursue every day. If you ask us for any advice, we will suggest you to go to our web site or visit our store and appreciate for yourself what we just mentioned in our blog. Welcome to a new world of impeccable designed floor…the one that you deserve.