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By October 13, 2017News
Rio Negro Laminated Floor

It can be very challenging when remodeling or changing any room in your house. In that exact moment, when you need the best advises or buy the perfect floor molding, underlayment or laminated wood flooring; Kromitex must come to your mind. A store committed to provide you with the best quality, experience, warranty and innovating service located in the Florida area.

If you want to chance your floor, you can count on the best Laminate floor in the whole country. Specially designed to provide you the best results and a warranty of 30 years. The Classic Laminate is a perfect type of floor to light up any area of the house. Feeling more rustic? You can put the Espresso Oak or the Rustic Pelican, but if you want to give the illusion of a wider space, use the Gray Stone or Mahogany. Either way, you will renew your home by the sound of a snap.

Protecting your investment or avoiding having issues under the floor, you should use the Underlayment. Made with the best products in the market and special attention, required to provide you with the best protection around the house areas, without scarifying the esthetic. The Underlayment comes in two types of colors, blue o silver. The use of this product is directly related to your necessity and it will provide you soundproof.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a store that can provide you with an extended catalog of products, but that’s why our company, Kromitex, was created by Nineteen Structure. The same will give you the best from the best. Besides giving to all the clients the best products to their homes, every floor is eco-friendly. which means that a little child can walk or crawl in the floor without putting its health at risk.

Feel free to visit Kromitex and live the experience to buy products with great quality and warranty, companied with an impeccable service. What are you waiting for?