Attempting against your flooring?

By September 20, 2019Uncategorized

If only I would have known this before!

Installing an SPC flooring in your home or office is always a great step forward. Undoubtedly, this installation provides many benefits to the property, such as increasing the price of the asset or making the place more beautiful with a long-lasting flooring; however, care must be taken to make these flooring last longer. Sometimes, due to unawareness, many people make mistakes regarding cleaning their flooring. Try not to make these same mistakes.

In order to have a perfect and impeccable flooring, it is paramount avoiding these little mistakes that, for your information, are pretty common.

Cleaning your flooring with detergents: common detergents are very abrasive and can damage the wear-layers of the flooring. We highly recommend special products for this King of flooring.

cleaning equipment

Using tools to remove stains: sometimes we find stains that are very difficult to remove and often people utilize tools to “easily” banish the stain; however, some people are not aware that these tools damage the wear-layer and also could scratch the floor.

Not using felt-pads in your furniture: sitting on your furniture, in a daily basis, wears the flooring and the furniture away, – involuntary – reason why, if you do not set felt-pads or furniture pads, you could end up damaging the flooring. We highly recommend to put these pads to make your flooring last longer.


Not following the installation procedures: we need to follow certain steps to installing a flooring in a proper manner. Some installer does not follow the instructions thinking that they are not necessary; in #Kromitex we always recommend to follow these instructions of installation.

Not cleaning spillage: accidentally we spilled some water, soda or wine. It is a great mistake if we do not clean it inmediatelly. Do not panic, this flooring is completely waterproof and not damage occur when spilling some liquids. We just have to clean it and that would be it.


If we follow these steps and we do not commit these mistakes, #Kromitex will assure you that your flooring will last much longer and better. It is very simple to keep your flooring perfectly, the only thing you have to do is to sweep the floor eventually and mopping your flooring.

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