8 Reasons to install an SPC Flooring

By May 16, 2019Uncategorized
livingroom spc flooring

This is the kind of floor that I need!

Is time to renovate your place, above all, the floor. It is also time to make a decision before Summer gets here. Changing your floor is a very important topic, even when there are so many types of floorings in the market. But the future is already here and the SPC flooring is the top of the line in the category floors. For this amazing reason, we will provide you with 8 different reasons to install SPC flooring in any room or area:

1.‐ Anti‐abrasive and resistant to humidity: due to the technology behind its creation, you can say Good-bye to those floorings that wear away with the daily transit.

2.‐ The SPC can be installed everywhere: this type of flooring adapts itself to any kind of surface. You can install them in the kitchen or the bathroom and they will always look undimmed.

kitchen3.‐ Bear high temperatures: the SPC floor can be exposed to high and or low temperatures. It is estimated that to its optimal functioning, the lowest temperature should be close to ‐3C and the highest 50C.

4.‐ No previous worries: the SPC flooring can be installed on any Surface. The SPC flooring does not need any previous setting of the area.

5.‐ No more layers wore: the SPC Flooring are created with and anti-wearing-layer that impedes scratches or traces.

6.‐ Easy to install: the SPC flooring has a strong anti-block system and a very simple click. Due to its 4 clicks on the side, you can install the floor in a very easy way. Additionally, it comes in longer and wider planks, that makes it to cover longest areas.

samples spc flooring7.‐ No more noise: the SPC Flooring comes with a sound-absorption system that allows the customer walk on the floor without emitting any sound.

8.‐ Is Eco‐friendly: the SPC Flooring is made out renewable and recyclable material, which is very beneficial and wonderful because it helps to preserve the environment.

After Reading all these 8 reasons, we invite you to visit our website www.kromitex.com and check our SPC flooring catalog. Our staff will be happy to assist you with doubts and or information you may need regarding flooring and renovating.  Anyways, these types of floorings are ideal to be installed in your home, office, hotels, churches or even schools.  Do not hesitate and install your #Kromitex SPC Flooring.