4 types of stains on your floor and how to remove them

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Good-bye stains!

Our daily tasks, chores, even taking the kids to their activities, can take you a level that even yourself will not be able to recon; however, due to the same rhythm and rapidity you can spill something on your floor…Snap! Well, I clean it as soon as I get back, but when you get home, the stain is already there.

What to do? – That is the first question that comes to our mind. Even though you do not have to worry about that spillage, is something that needs to be taken into something to care about. Do not panic, here we will show you some tricks to say good-bye to those stains. It will not bother you if happens again. You do not even have to punish your child or give some time-out or fear of getting your floor stained. Take notes because we know you will love these simple tips.

Spilled red wineRed Wine

You invited some friends over to your place and inattention made a cup of wine fall on your floor. Take a Deep breath because accident happens and this is something that cannot ruin your night. Quick take a paper towel and clean the red wine from your floor. If a stain is spotted there, just take some seltzer water and add a little bit to the paper previously used and pass it through the wine stain one more time. You see, that’s it!

bubble gumBubble gum

How many times have you told your kids not to chew bubble gum while playing around the house…they did not pay attention and yes, accidents may occur and some of the kids accidentally threw bubble gum on the floor. Day passed by and you find the piece of gum on the floor. Take it easy, nothing have happened. Just use a plastic scrapper and remove the bubble gum. Another piece of advice would be to take an ice and leave it on the bubble gum for a couple of minutes and remove it from there.


Let’s be honest, every morning is the same thing. We tend to be in a rush to step out and head to work, but accidents happen and you drop your lip-stick on your SPC floor and stained it. Don’t worry! You just have to grab a rug, impregnate it with some nail polish -a little- pass it through and that’s it, your floor is no longer wearing make-up.

candleCandle wax

There are more and more people who put essence-candles to shine and aromatize their homes. Some people light them for the whole night, some to perfume an area and others to use it for that special moment with their significant other. As we all know, accidents may occur, the wax can overflow and fall on our floor. Once again, don’t panic…focus and remove the wax with a plastic scrapper. When the wax is already removed, pass a watered rug for the floor and forget about what happened with the wax.

As you can see, accidents happen but it is up to you to be calmed because now you have these tricks to remove any stair or remaining from your floor. Invite your friend and don’t panic or simple use your make-up the way you wanted. If something wrong happens to your floor, we got you covered. If you are dealing with one of these issues and you are planning to change your flooring, do not hesitate and check our great variety of floors on www.Kromitex.com

We will more than happy to help you out with all doubts and ideas you have regarding the flooring industry.