4 ideas to decorate your home during this summer

By August 22, 2019Uncategorized
spc living room

A Project to involve all your family members.

During the summertime families spend some more instants together. Some of them plan a round-trip together, but some others stay at home and decide to perform activities that involve all of them. Who wouldn’t like to repair certain details during this super fun time?

If you’re planning to stay, one of the best ideas is to gather your family in front of a Tablet or lap-top and pinpoint what you want to renovate in your home. If many ideas come into mind, congregate the most popular Project and choose the most voted. If otherwise, you have no idea where to start, we suggest these wonderful renovating ideas.

Make some room: depending on the heat-wave during this season, the best decision would be to clean the windows and remove the extra cushions.


Paint your walls with lighter colors: the quivering thing about this season is that any style is welcome. Combine your walls with SPC flooring and create that effect of depth and pleasant to the eyesight.

Patterns make the difference: summer is always characterized for presenting particular patterns, weaves, and prints such as pineapples, flamingos and chevrons, among others; however, playing with these elements will intensify any area. It can be the living room, the studio or the kid’s bedroom.


Natural plants: if the idea is not to change the wall color or to set some new furniture, natural plants are always a special solution. Incorporating flowers or another type on plants will give any space a natural environment fulfilled with life.


Any project you bear in mind as family can result in a very pleasant task. If adding the perception of replacing the flooring to your home, you will end up having a very luxury home. If you have doubts, we recommend to check on our website www.kromitex.com or visit our store, where our staff will be here to help you out. Let’s get this done!