3 simple steps to have in mind when installing your flooring

By June 27, 2019Uncategorized
spc florring living room

Whoa! I did not know that I had to pay attention to that little detail.

After making-up your mind, you have made the most important decision: remodeling your home.  Is important to bear in mind certain criteria to make this dream come true and enjoy an environment fulfilled with calmness and renovated energies. Today we will discuss the aspects you need to have in mind when installing your new flooring.

Now that you made your mind, the most important aspect is to set up a plan to start visualizing your project: your dream; however, it is paramount to check your plan before carrying out the whole thing.

Do I go for it? ‐ Of course, here we will leave 3 aspects to bear in mind when installing your flooring in any area of your home.

Set a budget: we all have dreams and our goals are always targeted to those Hollywood stars. We can always create a cozy atmosphere with less budget and it is also important to have those figures in a low level. When you do all these, your project has already started.

Close up young woman with calculator counting making notes at home, hand is writes in a notebook. Savings, finances, concept.Choose the ideal flooring: there is a great variety of floorings within the market and everything depends on the place you will install it. It is also important to get advises regarding the flooring and check the Step Frequency. If installing the flooring on a moderated area, it will be ideal to get the Class 21 flooring. If it is going to be installed within a high transit area, such as the living-room, we suggest to use the Class 22 and, last but not least, the most transited area of your home, like the kitchen, we suggest flooring Class 23.

spc florring living roomCreate a space for your family: It has to be cozy the area that you choose to remodel and install the #Kromitex SPC flooring. A place that invites you to spend the time and relax. It is very important to combine textures and colors in a proper manner, where they do not oppose to the flooring itself. The best way would be to use a neutral environment, perfect to create Lo idea wonderful memories.

Remodeling your home can be a headache but also fulfilled with happy moments. It is a unique time, where remodeling is never the same experience and the conditions might be totally different. When having already settle the area of installation and what you are installing, we invite you to visit #Kromitex and check on the perfect flooring for you. We will be here waiting for you with a smile on our faces and ready to make your dreams come true.