2018 Pantone

By January 26, 2018Uncategorized
Ultra Violet Pantone

Each year fashion, interior designers and even event producers are watchful for the predominant color announcement for the new year. A few days ago was announced the color that we will use the most this coming 2018. It would be a tendency or just because it will be a fashion color, but it will be Ultra Violet or Pantone 18-3838

This incredible color left everyone with their mouth open, because of its complexity and also because it takes you to misterious places related to the cosmos. It is a getaway to note ven explored places, which entail you to continue looking into or surpassing any kind of obstacle; not keeping what you already achieved. Looking forward to reach all the goals and full-fill your curious side.

Adittionaly, it’s a color involved with the mysticism and rooted to Pop Culture – know today as Vintage- which results to be fashion. Very famous artists, such as David Bowie, Prince or Hendrix used this color for its strong impact towards the mistery, showing that people can not longer live under commun standars.

Ultra Violet is a color that symbolize the New, experimenting and thinking outside the box, getting away from brands. For designers represent a new challenge, due to the fact that they have to look for balance of harmony, combination and fresh textures that will be arranged to a color with a strong meaning.

Many interior designers are upgrading their designs to create stunning combinations to become 2018 tendency. Are you guys ready for Ultra Violet?