10 tips to make your flooring last longer

By February 4, 2019Uncategorized

If you properly take care of your flooring, you will maintain it beautiful for much longer.

You finally installed the flooring you have always dreamed of. Your home looks wonderful, like a cover of those architecture or designs magazines. You made it! However, taking care of your flooring is a hard task that only you can perform in order to make your warranty last the suggested time. We know that some accidents may occur or simply, due to the daily routine, the regularly-cleaning habit gets lost along the way but, if you follow these simple tips, we assure you that your flooring will look clean and shiny for longer periods.

imagen1_32To keep your flooring bright-shine like a diamond follow these simple cleaning steps. We assure you that they are so simple and effective that they will become part of your daily.

  • Sweep your flooring with a broom: If cleaning the dust of the floor every other day you will not worry about possible scratches on the floor.
  • Use only laminate and vinyl cleaning products: There are plenty of flooring cleaning products within the market, but many of them contain high content of chemicals that could result unproper for the correct preservation of the floor. The best option always will be those products with less content of chemicals.
  • Use shampoo to clean hair spray: We know women like to maintain a beautiful hair and, sometimes, they use hair products such as sprays leaving remaining on the floor. To remove those, use some shampoo to say good bye to those unwanted stains.

Wringing out the mop is important: It’s time to deeply clean the floor, but is also important to highlight wringing out your mop when wiping your laminate flooring. If leaving water excess on the floor, it can damage itself.

There are some activities that, if not paying attention, might affect the guarantee of your flooring. These practical tips will help you preserve your guarantee. Beyond our cleaning routine is the individual and family habit. Follow them and will see no regrets.

  • Put special rubber caps in your table legs: It’s not uncommon dragging your furniture when trying to be comfy at home during resting time periods. To avoid scratches on your floor put some rubber caps on the legs, avoiding scratches when moving the table.
  • Say Good-bye to furniture with casters: although they help moving the furniture out in an easy and practical way, constantly moving could cause damages to the floor. Is ideally to remove this type of furniture from your home or office.

Clean it immediately if accidentally pouring water or any other drink: accident happens and, if accidentally you drop some water, wine or soda, it would be ideal to clean it instantly. This way you will maintain your floor perfect at all times.


When making a decision of installing your floor at home is paramount having handy these three advises. They will help you keep your home tidy.

  • Define the area and the use of it: when getting your flooring, you must be certain about the area and the floor you are about to install. There are currently 5 type of flooring depending on the usage and the high transit. If choosing correctly, your flooring will last longer.
  • Set a padding or underlayment if the floor has not any attached: It is very important having and underlayment or padding if your floor has not any attached.

Install UV protectors on your windows: sometimes the sun shines are unmerciful with our furniture, canvas and, the flooring is not the exception. To avoid the floor getting damaged by the sun, install some UV protector on your windows. The best part of it is that you will not take care of your furniture, canvas and floor, but also you will take care of your family.

If you follow these specific tips, we will guarantee that your flooring will prevail the years to come. We have heard somewhere that the floor really reflects what we are at home. Put it into practice, then.